Livorno: Venice Style – Livorno Effetto Venezia



Some pictures of the yearly event Livorno Effetto Venezia, when the Tuscan town Livorno gets all lit up and romantic like Venice. Its neighborhoods host a number of performances, usually connected with a theme Mediterranean country. I didn’t take any pictures of single performances, but decided to focus on regular people and changing lights in the town’s landscape.

Ecco alcune immagini da Livorno Effetto Venezia, appuntamento annuale in cui la cittadina Toscana accende le luci e la poesia in stile veneziano e ospita tanti eventi per le sue città, ogni anno celebrando un diverso paese del Mediterraneo. Io ho preferito però concentrarmi sulle persone e sulle luci mutevoli del paesaggio.


3 thoughts on “Livorno: Venice Style – Livorno Effetto Venezia

  1. Thank you anybody for your Likes!
    It means a lot to me since I love photography and I’m just tiptoeing my way into making this interest a real thing.
    I’m also glad to see my little Sony compact is serving this purpose so well 🙂


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