Book Cover The Idiot

Sapete che è una donna virtuosa, lo credereste? Pensate forse che sia l’amante dell’altro, di Totski? Affatto! E da molto tempo, ormai. Avete notato com’era impacciata e, a tratti, persino confusa. È la verità. E sono proprio le donne come lei che amano dominare.

Fedor Dostoevskij, L’Idiota, p. 131, Grandi Classici Rusconi Libri


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      1. The type that need to dominate a man, and the relationship they’re in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked with a lot of the same people for 30 to 35 years. Some men would be lost in the world without their “take charge” wives. 🙂 I’m divorced, and I’m just fine on my own.

        I read The Idiot about 4 years ago. There was much to admire in that poor soul.

        Have a great Friday! Peace, Keith


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