Settling Down. Don’t panic.

Would you confess if we asked

That you nurture the urge

To declare that it’s time

To settle down

With a man of your own

You want a baby

A family

A piece of security?

Shut your mouth

Try not to panic

Shut Your Mouth, from Beautiful Garbage, by Garbage

This quote summarizes some of my – very short – recurrent dialogues with people I haven’t met in months as well as those who simply expect news at all costs. What better topic to bring up than settling down, starting a family, going through every step you’re supposed to take in life?

I ask myself: are we truly supposed to make certain decisions?

Moving in with your partner if you’ve reached a certain age, you’ve got a good job, planning on a family or a wedding seem like sensible choices and inescapable ones at the same time.

I’d really like people not to stare at me when I don’t have a satisfying answer to these questions and think I’m unnatural in some way.

I’m freaking thirty, I’m in a happy relationship and planning none of the above eagerly-awaited life events. Period.



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