Relationships & (Un)fair Decision-making

Young couple in Camogli (Genoa), Italy

How are decisions made in a couple?

I wonder whether there’s a way for both partners to come to the same conclusion and decision, or whether it’s true that men resist changes, so it’s up to women to bring about new options.

Personally, I don’t believe in dualism. I’d rather think we’re all potentially free of any labels, thought and behavior patterns. However, I can’t help seeing proof of such a stereotype, so I’ve started asking myself if an alternative is possible.

Instead of imposing, I’d like to equally contribute to something new.

To be honest, in a case when this “fair union of opinions” wasn’t successful, I preferred simply to drop the subject and eventually inflict a memorable lesson to savor later on, since my words had been useless up to that moment.

In actual adult life, though, how does communication happen when it comes to exploring uncharted territories, moving towards new decisions together?


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