Teaching younger students

Bimbini - The kids are all right

Alongside my first, part-time job, I tutor children and teens at an after-school learning center.

Although some prefer teaching older teens, which I tend to agree with, those still at middle school can be adorable. They are at a crucial time in their lives. Right after elementary school, they are now learning to stand on their own feet both in the world in general and in learning matters.

I have been tutoring a little student, in particular, whose smile when he meets other teachers and me shows he hasn’t grown too bored of teachers (or life’s routine) yet. His good manners, on the other hand, show that a lot of good work has been put into his upbringing by his parents and he is now ready to put them to good use.

So there they are: very young people whose pure child inside lives alongside an effort to have their say, prove they’re doing it right.


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