Chi sono|About me

ENG – Multiplying social networks and sharing possibilities have made me more confused than amused.

An ‘old-fashioned blog’ should make sharing easier and as honest as possible.

Never mind labels, I love exploring and never stop searching.

Hopefully I can share & give a contribution while trying to figure out how to navigate this life and my mind.


ITA – Malgrado il moltiplicarsi di social network e possibilità di condivisione online io continuo con un blog “vecchio stile”.

Non mi piacciono le etichette; preferisco esplorare e non smettere mai di cercare.

Con questo spirito voglio condividere con semplicità e onestà mentre mi oriento nella vita e nella mia mente.

Sperando, nel frattempo, di poter dare un contributo.




10 thoughts on “Chi sono|About me

  1. No worries for the spelling, it happens plus if shouldn’t be writing in this very moment; in fact, not being a native English speaker I risk making those mistakes way more often!
    Anyway, the taste for retro and vintage is really growing. I’m in love myself with the twenties, so I really like a few creations of yours. Have a great night, Mary x


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